Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fluttering Butterflies

I wanted to do something artsy today, something that would take away the studio and coarseness of my photography life right now. I love the studio don't get me wrong, but its the holidays and the reasons people are coming in are for rigid holiday photos that they do EVERY year! I want to capture their childrens true spirits and real interactions with each other. Currently, I am not getting to do that. I have wanted to go to the Butterfly House for awhile and finally I got a chance at 9 am this morning. That is truly the best time to go, you are not being stumbled over by small children and grandparents and its just you and the butterflies. You really get to experience the beauty and the peacefulness that 2000 different species of butterflies can provide. While I was there I caught some really great shots that I can't wait to put up in my new house as well as butterflies mating and sleeping and drinking. They were just each so unique and colorful, I want to paint my walls some of the colors but how to capture that is beyond me. I highly reccomend everyone go to the Butterfly house it is by far worth your 6 dollars just remember you don't need your coat inside its like 110 degrees!

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