Sunday, April 5, 2009


So Drew and I went to Memphis for a mini vacation and it was not a very artsy place for me. Maybe because I almost terrified to walk the streets with my big honkin' camera, I had this crazy fear that someone was going to jump out and try to grab it from me. So unfortunately it mostly stayed in the hotel room. Although, we had a crazy trip it was very very fun! We received a personal tour of the Redbirds Stadium, this picture that looks like a drawing is what happens when people choose a club room for more than 10 years, they pay up front and get to decorate it however they want. These people chose to go with a blue grass theme like New Orleans and I love their style. It was such a fun place! Also, at the stadium when you get season tickets they put a plaque on your chair that reserves it as yours with your name on it. I just love how all the chairs look like they run together... I don't know I just like the shot I guess. Then of course there is my little snipit of Beale Street, it was impossible to try and get a full street shot there were so many people and not quite the safest place to have my camera at night. But anyway, I love how just having a little of the sign makes it common enough to be anywhere but yet not. It was such a fun place to be, I absolutely love Memphis none the less!

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