Monday, August 17, 2009

The F Family!

Okay, so I have known the F family since before I was born... their children babysat me when I was little, went to the movies with my brother and their dad worked for the same department as both my parents. I have been begging the mom C to let me shoot her 3 beautiful children and it was so much fun! I also shot her brother M and his son and wife! I love my red heads! We went to this great spot out by Castlewood State Park which let me tell you if you live in West County this is the spot we will be doing so much more at... I love Castlewood now! I did a full session and though I am just going to put a few snippets here hopefully soon I will be getting a real website together as well as keeping my blog and will have a slide show with all the different event possibilities!

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