Monday, August 23, 2010

Molls and Mel! Class of 2011

Its 4:46am to be exact! I love my house at this time, my husband's alarm hasn't gone off 50 million times, the baby has sweetly fallen back into a deep sleep, the dogs are asleep and not bugging me to go outside and I can just sit for a minute and stare out my dark windows. Of course, I do get the pleasure of looking across the street at the woman who I am pretty sure never sleeps. She is often awake when I am which is different every night. I am trying to get Jay into a good sleep schedule but its much harder then I thought it would ever be. In the meantime yesterday I got to photograph a session I have been dying to shoot for months! My Molly, I have babysat for her since she was in 2nd grade! Now she is a senior at Ursuline Academy, an excellent soccer player and all around fun girl! She also brought her bestie Mel, who will soon be babysitting little Jay for me! I can't wait! Mel is also super active at Ursuline playing basketball and lacrosse and she was so sweet! I loved spending time with them and their mama's... its amazing to be a mama and watch mama's who have raised their babies so WELL! I love it! With out further ado here are my beautiful girls!

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