Monday, June 27, 2011

How to dress for your family portrait!

I think about this topic all the time! Recently, while waiting for a client at a local park, I watched what I deem to be a crap step outside the studio photographer whip out 3 sessions in about an hour and I kid you not ALL 3 families had on the same outfit. I dare you to guess... can't think of what it could be?!?! Let me tell ya! All 3 separate families wore khaki's and white shirts, little girls in solid white dresses and little boys in white polo's and khaki shorts. Don't get me wrong, I love a little girl in a beautiful white gown but in my opinion I want your family photo's to POP on your wall. I want people to think "Dang, that is so Eliza" or "I love that dress Beth!" as well as to see past the clothes and admire your beautiful faces. There is a very fine line and I struggle with it myself however, it is better to have John and Robert in similar polo's versus matching. I always advise to go with a color scheme versus matching. You did not pop out 4 children who are all the same individual and there is no reason to dress them that way (hello 1984)! I am going to link to another blog post that describes it all and displays the clothes out in a way I am not even sure how to master! Needless to say SHE say's it perfectly. I am also going to post some examples of my favorite families rocking it!

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