Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I photographed one of my favorite kids...

I have been busy. This baby thing is taking over my life (2 weeks from today we find out what the baby is). I have not been blogging like I should and I am going to play catch up tonight! I can not wait for baby to get here so I can blog and take pics and take pics and blog. There will be alot of blogging then! But back to what I love... my kids! The ones that I did not give birth to anyway!

T, is one my favorites I must admit it. I have watched her since she was 3 and I love the kiddo she is growing in to! I can't believe how long and thick her gorgeous blonde hair is I would give anything for that! Her brother R, man, what a little man he has grown into! I couldn't get over how tall he was or the fact that he was such a trooper! I can not wait to continue to photograph them over the next few years! I love keeping in touch with my families!

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