Friday, November 27, 2009

AHH M turns 1!!!

I can't believe lil' M is 1!! I was so happy with how smiley and fun she was! In the past I have not been very funny in her book and Daddy had to do most of the work but this time around we played hard!! Maybe being in her own home, her own element really helped. While, I was there I learned that M was recently diagnosed with a milk and egg allergy... where are all these allergies coming from? I am allergic to peanuts, all tree nuts, bananas, apples and kiwi! But, I have been that way since I was about 7, so its old news to me. But, milk and eggs? Think about all the things you eat that have milk and eggs... I told her mom atleast she won't ever have a weight problem, she will always be a skinny mini!! None the less, she had so much personality and was absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen! I loved playing with her! Thanks Jen and Steve!!

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