Thursday, May 21, 2009

1st Day At The Winery

Recently in my previous life before my best friend had her baby going to the wineries was really about drinking wine and eating feta cheese dip and P'sghetti's sandwiches. Currently, our trips are about how Cloey likes the grass, can she see the pond, will she lay on her tummy on the grass and you can imagine all the possibilities that we probably came up with too. So, while we drank a bottle of wine we also played with the baby, made her smile, listened to her giggle and of course laid her on her tummy on the grass... let me tell you how much she loved that! She isn't really a tummy baby as of yet. I absolutely love the picture with the big drop of drool probably not everyone wants to see that but I think it is so cute! She also put her feet together perfectly for me she is my life long model I can tell already! I am doing a session every day for through the next week so check back often to see different families!

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