Monday, May 25, 2009

Matteo's 2nd Birthday!

Oh my goodness, I went to my first Thomas themed birthday party and it was fabulous... despite the terrential downpour! My other photographer Jennifer her son turned 2 and he is absolutely adorable. He was so funny and loved all the attention. I can't imagine how fun it is when your kids realize what it means it's their birthday. He loved opening the first present and was very confused when he couldn't get the play doh out right then and he just jammed through the tissue paper, throwing it left and right! It was great. In one card he received a couple of those $1 coins and he kept saying "Pighey Bank", yes I did stick and h in there it is how he say's it. He was not satisfied until his uncle tracked down his blue piggy bank and he got to put his money in! He is such a sweet little boy and I absolutely loved taking his pictures! I can't wait to do more birthday parties!!! Oh and side note these are not enhanced at all, to be honest I love them just the way they are!

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