Sunday, December 6, 2009

The reason I am in this business...

Today, I received one of the best compliments of my life. A mother who I have known for a very long time told me that the reason I am in this business is because of a photograph I took of her son with autism. I could not have been pleased with her comment and it really made my year. I work so hard to provide my clients with painless and fun sessions. I want everyone to feel like family and to know that I really do take an interest in their needs, wants and desires. I want you to walk into your house every day and look at your portraits hanging on the wall and think "that is so my kid". I want your kiddo's to walk away from a session feeling loved and beautiful/handsome and to tell you they had fun. I don't want anyone to ever feel stressed or overwhelmed. I work with special needs kids because I really feel a connection with every kid I work with! I will not lie to you I am nervous the first ten minutes because not only am I meeting a kid for the first time, I am meeting a kid who is typically known not to make eye contact or to respond to strangers. But, the minute I put my camera in my hands and I get that first great shot I know that it is exactly where I am suppossed to be. I am going to share a picture from a recent session of a kiddo with autism. I am in love with it an I am going to frame it with his mom's compliment and frame it in my office. There are days I wonder if I really made the right decision when I up and quit my job and started this company and it will be an excellent reminder to myself that I did. I know that I did. This is exactly where I am suppossed to be!

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