Monday, July 6, 2009

In the country...

It's been a minute since I have posted not that we haven't been busy, I just haven't made it to the computer! We have been slammed with portrait parties and they are so much fun! We have booked quite a few for the fall and I am so excited! None the less, my lil' Brockmeyer family skipped the usual festivities this year and went down to the Black River! My husband has property down there and we spent Saturday night into Sunday with his parents. It was a great mini trip and we got to see alot of the country side! Our property is right across from Johnson Shut Inn's it is so gorgeous!!! Drew's uncle has bought a couple property's down in the country and this tree with the reflection is on his 80 acre farm its perfect I love how still the water is, like glass! The metal swing bench is on the front porch of this old farm house, I love it in sepia, it makes me want to sit down with a lemonade and stay awhile. The house and the barn on this property are over 100 years old and they even have a stone well house and a fresh water spring! It's just perfect. Also Drew's aunt Suzanne stumbled upon this old mill on private property in Lesterville, it is tiny but perfectly intact. It has 3 wonderful waterfalls and thanks to my brother we were able to figure out how to leave the shutter open to capture this beautiful water flow. The large sign in the bottom right had corner says Private Property in orange crayon so we didn't leave the road but we still were able to get great shots! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did and look forward to giving sneak peeks to the other sessions we have this week!

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