Tuesday, July 28, 2009

During your session...

I have been sneaking in a few mini sessions that are just for me and just for fun! Sometimes, I cant believe that 3 years ago I wasn't doing photography like I am now and sometimes for a second I think really you want me to look through this camera and take smiling pictures of this snot nosed kid? That is at the studio only... I can't believe how little a white background does for a 2 year old... it shows no personality. I think I have scarred my family and friends as well as myself in never getting studio portraits! A white background describes ABSOLUTELY nothing about the little people in your life who have so much personality! Sorry, just a little soap box in my world. Anyway, sometimes when I am shooting your session you may or may not notice that I snap photos of things around us and not neccessarily your children. Sometimes, I can't help it I am chasing your children and BAM something jumps out at me that I have to photograph! These are just a few of those things!

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