Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Learning as I go...

So, I have learned that everything I posted before my last post Happy Thursday was considered SOOC... which means straight out of camera. I have now learned a little better editing techniques and am excited to say they have really turned my pictures from beautiful to stunning! Please don't think that my lack of post's have been because I am not busy, that is completely not the case. I am slammed. I am however booking sessions for August! On Sunday morning, I was able to photograph a lot of beautiful people but one of my favorites was Caiti. When I was 16, I some how landed a babysitting job for my neighbors at the time their kids were 8,6, and 3 and 9 months. I fell in love with all of them but especially their 9 month old David. Needless, to say David and I hung out ALOT. As the years have gone by I have loved this family so much and to stay in contact with them as close as I have has truly been a blessing. I remember Caiti laying on the floor in the hallway and she was absolutely uncontrollable, I had no power over her whatsoever. I believe this may have been in the same week that she set the clocks back and her and her sister stayed up like an extra hour. None the less, in my desperate need to punish her for being as mouthy, and relentless as she was I set her at the table to cut 100 individual circles. That punishment has stayed with us for almost 10 years now and I can still look at her brothers and say "Do you want to cut circles?" and the behavior stops immediately. I was absolutely blown away by her beauty this Sunday I didn't realize that underneath those soccer cleats, gym shorts and t-shirts is an absolutely stunning young woman. I also had quite a few other sessions but more to come from those later!

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