Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just blogging to blog...

Well, business is absolutely booming... although at this moment I do not have much to show for it! I will soon, give me til the end of October, life will be good! We have had a couple huge opportunities in the last few weeks. We hooked up with the Down Syndrome Association and will be photographing their fashion show in October and also with the Rockwood Early Childhood Center and will be photographing their PTA Christmas Party! I am hoping that this will really be a great break through for the company... we will also hopefully be placing an ad with next month as well! We are also doing a portrait and some family canvas painting shoots! I am so excited!

Also our puppy is growing, since this is the age you would normally get the puppy I can't believe how big she is. She is only going to keep growing and we have no idea how big she will actually get. I am posting a pic on here of her, its not been edited but its super cute. She is almost totally potty trained YAY!!! I really didn't think I would ever be able to say that. It's the most exciting thing ever, you never realize how much work a puppy is until you get one. It's not as easy as your parents made it out to be.

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