Monday, September 28, 2009

First Trimester...

So, I know I am not the first woman in the world to ever become pregnant but let me tell sometimes it really seems like it! I have the worst motion sickness and I can not ride passenger with anyone! If I do even 4 miles with in minutes of arriving to my destination I am getting sick. I have though gotten quite good at knowing in the morning when I wake up whether it will be a sick day or not! I am pretty excited about that. Today, thank god is not. Yesterday, I was not so lucky. Recently I took a photograph of my little friend and although he is so mad at me because I wouldn't let him climb the stairs, as I thought about it I too wanted to stomp my feet and cry like I had never cried before. I too was mad that I can't eat my favorite foods and don't always know what will make me sick. I also want to insert here that Friday's has the best bathrooms for this kind of problem just incase you were wondering. None the less, I too want someone to pick me up and say "You're fine". Thank God I have my mother for that.

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