Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alot Going On...

There has been alot going on and I am really behind on posting. Although, I am not positive that anyone even reads this, I do like using it for new clients to go and check out our work. I am going to try and catch up with just a few words and more pictures! On Sunday, I did a day of sessions on my own and this Sunday I am doing it again but I am making another photographer come along as well! My breathing with this baby is doing so well so I definetly need a second set of hands. None the less, I photographed 3 lovely familes and my first family of the day was so patient with me. Normally, I am patient with them but that day they rocked for me let me just tell you how my day started.... I woke up late, got sick, went out to my car to realize it had been ransacked in the night from someone looking for quick cash, nearly ran out of gas on my way to the shoot and when I got there and pulled out my camera I realized I didn't have my memory card. Awesome! Atleast their pictures turned out incredible!!

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