Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Hill Family!

Today, I photographed another fabulous family from the metro parents group that I stuck my information on! They were so stinking cute! I love photographing families that are so in love! They have the greatest little rollie pollie man, I will call T (which I am in love with his name as well). I pray my baby is a lil rollie pollie too there are so many cute pics you can get of their naked little butts! Anyway, we snuck over to Lafayette Square Park again and I feel like every time I go there it is totally different. I find new spots that I love and I am able to give each client their own special photographs. I think that is really key to being able to use the same location more than once. I love to think outside the box. I brought quite a few props today but we mostly used the radio flyer wagon. So stinkin' cute! I am in love with their family shots! Enjoy! Ps I am really really in love with the picture by the tree and their reflection... how cool is that?!?!?

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