Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Stock Family

I love love love this family! They are so amazing! They have shown me a really fabulous new park that I will use a million times over! I highly reccommend you taking your family to Lafayette Square Park and to Park Avenue Coffee for a muffin! You will not be dissapointed! Okay, back to my fabulous family, apparently its becoming winter and I am in serious denial. I am standing by the fact that I am not ready to give up my outdoor shoots but I need to be pushing them back a little later in the morning. Thank you to the Stock family for putting up with that crazy wind and although we are going to reshoot the kiddo's together (blue lips are not what you want hanging on your wall), we got some great shots! M and G their two year old and 6 month old were real troopers and I can't wait to do a session focused on just the two of them. I have some great ideas! I had a hard time choosing what to put up!

We are going to a new system today.. hopefully! The ordering of your images will be so much easier, as a company we are constantly growing which is fantastic! I know I have a few families waiting patiently to view their images and I love you for being so patient! They are coming I promise!

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