Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Around the yard...

This week and last week and part of next week Drew's car is in the shop. I honestly and truthfully have no idea how married people can share car. It truly takes alot of organizing. I have had to pack everything in on Wednesday and Friday which is fine but slightly a pain. None the less I do have to say that yesterday I got to go to the pool with my new neighbor Krystal who I love and today I did what alot of families are calling a "staycation", meaning you spend your vacation time at home. I was feeling a little cabin fever and decided to bare the heat and take a few shots around the yard. I think it is still good to just shoot for fun, I did not edit these photo's just tagged them and thought I would share them. Tomorrow, I have 2 sessions, a meeting with a very popular website http://www.kidsinstl.com/ and a review! I look forward to sharing my babies with you on Thursday!

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