Tuesday, June 2, 2009

House blow's up in South County

Apparently, just around the corner from house at about 10 pm last night a house blew up...shhh they didn't say the cause but a reporter that I was talking to said it may have been a meth lab. None the less we had fun using the Nikon at night. I only got a few shots that I love...maybe 2 but I thought I would share them here none the less. The last shot just shows how they had firetrucks from everywhere on both sides of the road, Telegraph was completely shut down. The first shot is the reflection of the firetrucks lights in the water, I love it!!! I really think I may sell it on etsy. I have sold a few prints on there and it does blow my mind what people will buy. The shot in the middle I wish I would have been on the otherside of the Valvoline sign because I love the police officer in the dust and smoke. I haven't figured out how to crop it just right but I will.

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