Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cloey 4 month's already...

I can't believe how big my god daughter is getting, seriously every day she is looking more and more like Cloey. It's bizarre I thought babies leaned towards one parent or another but she doesn't she just looks like herself. It is so fun! Since its summer now we are starting a little bit of what some may call baby torture... but its not I promise. I bought this super cute teapot to put her in a few months ago and she is finally supporting herself enough I was able to stick her in it. Granted, she was not happy at all and infact I think if she could talk she would have not many nice things to say to me but too bad she is stuck with me for life! I am also so proud of how beautiful she is, she is changing every day and already losing her baby look, she is growing so fast!

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