Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Arlington National Cemetery... enough said!

Arlington National Cemetery was really interesting much better than I thought it would be. We saw a lot of interesting people's graves and I learned that I am distantly related to General Richard Montgomery and he was the guy who decided Arlington would be our national cemetery. We visited the Kennedy graves and I guess it was just before our time because I didn't feel the same emotion that a lot of the elderly women felt as they stood there crying. We were also privy to the changing of the guard at first we thought we had missed it but the guard stopped us so the new guard could come out. It was really cool to see all of it from beginning to end. Drew took about 202 pictures of just the changing of the guard I won't bore you to have to see each step taken. Side note I just learned I can spell check on here, I will be doing that more often. 2nd side note, I also type like I speak and since I don't feel as though I am being graded that is what you are going to get. There were alot of great scenic views from Arlington Cemetery and rows and rows of military graves. We learned there are 350 from the Iraq/Afghanistan wars and 293,000 graves from other wars. Oh, I forgot to tell you how we got lost before getting to Arlington and accidently went to the current Fort Meyer , we pull up and the guard is like go to the right make a U-turn and exit out of here. We make the right and it pulls us up to check point where people are opening their trunks, their hoods and all the doors so their cars can be searched. It was so creepy! It makes me so sad that they have to do that.

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