Wednesday, October 22, 2008

National Archives...everything I ever wanted to see!

National Archives was amazing (I feel like I am using this word alot)! We stood in the first line we had to stand in while in D.C. waiting to see the Freedom Papers. It took us about 25 minutes just to get in the door, then they make you put all your belongings on the conveyor belt and bark orders that you barely understand. I understand they have to but all the documents sit in airtight containers on top of elevators that at any minute can be plunged into the under Earth for their protection. Anyway, there were some really awesome pictures and information about archives and did you know the second largest archive location is in ST. LOUIS?!?!? I thought that was really cool. The line to get into the Rotunda was about 35 minutes long so I waited and Drew went and sat down. Meanwhile because I am a chatty cathy I started talking to another couple and they too were on their honeymoon and they got married on the 18th. Very small world, I think although they got married in Texas. Once we finally got into see the documents the room was very dark and the Declartion of Independence was so deteriorated it just looked like yellow paper. I shouldn't say thing like that but it did. I did not take pictures of the documents, a) I was scared that I would push the wrong button and a flash would go off and they would tackle me to the ground with guns and b) I knew that my little crappy camera wouldn't do them any justice. It kind of annoyed Drew that I didn't take any pictures so when we got to the gift shop we bought a kit that has all 3 and if and when we find a house you will see them displayed in our bar. We are very excited! We also saw the Magna Carta which was out on display for a few weeks. There are only 4 copies in the whole world.

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