Thursday, October 16, 2008

New York City in a nutshell!

Yesterday morning, I was thinking maybe I had not blocked off enough time for NYC but boy was I wrong. We rocked through everything yesterday. We hit upper and lower manhatten and everything in between we even spent 2 1/2 hours walking trying to find the Adidas store, Thank God for taxi's or we never would have made it. I highly reccomend everyone visit the WTC museum it is gut wrenching an exhausting but absolutely needed. It puts closure on an a sore spot in the heart that everyone desperetly needs. It is unreal to be standing next to people that you don't know, and probably don't speak english yet they hand you a kleenex because across everything, you feel the same emotion. The picture of the church, is directly across from the WTC and on that day not a single window was broken, it became a safe haven for all the volunteers, it is probably no more than 300 feet from the site. How is that possible? I love the picture of the african american woman, she stole my heart she was sitting on a bench reading the bible quitely to herself. She was the emotion I felt. We also found the sphere, it survived the towers toppling on top of it, CRAZY! I also took a picture of two guns found after the clean up that were melted together.

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Lois said...

Your pictures are way cool!