Friday, October 24, 2008

Photoshop.. I LOVE IT!!

Here are some photos that I didn't post but I have edited, I absolutely love being able to color accent the photos. The first one is of a construction worker at Ground Zero and he was so hallow. He looked like he had been working there since day 1 and was just fried emotionally, mentally and physically. Drew took the picture after a big cement truck had left ground zero and they were shutting the gates. The shoes picture I took at a corner somewhere past Times Square I love! The woman wearing the shoes was straight out of gossip girl, she looked so professional and her black shoes were just eye catching to me. I have no idea who she is and maybe that is what I like about this picture, she can be any woman and every woman all rolled into one. I used a color accent to keep the shoes shiny and make everything else gray scale. I love it. The 3rd picture is what I am calling Window's on the World, I would love to eventually do a book full of them but this one I adore. There is something magical about how alive the tree is and I feel like I am looking out the window instead of into it. The MM's rock my world too, there is something antique about the black and white and futuristic about the color. I like that the reflection of the candy is black and white. I don't know it may just be me but I dig it.

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