Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Staying in the Big House

Okay so my ultimate goal to visiting Philly was going to the Eastern State Penetentiary. I saw it on Ghost Hunters which is my favorite show and was totally creeped out when the infrared detected, detected a body moving at the end of one of the cell blocks and we were able to see it. CRAZY! So in 1971 they shut down the penetentiary and closed it up and left it alone until 1991, they consider it a semi ruin and it so is. There were definite times that you could feel the creepyness and it often made my breathing feel very heavy. It was not all in my head. Al Capone, also stayed there for 10 months he was sentenced a year but got out early on good behavior. His room was at the beginning of one of the cells and for the time period was very nice, he had paintings on the wall, a lamp, a chair and a radio. I also am putting up a picture that may look funny but I took it from 2 doorways away. In the late 1700's they were creating a a synagogue and two of the leaders had painted this painting on the wall, it has not been touched by the archivers or anyone at the prison in over 300 years. It was absolutely unbelieveable.

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