Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Segwaying around D.C.

We have decided that eventually we are going to buy a segway! They are fabulous, they are electrically powered, and just a little lean here and a little lean there and you can go anywhere! We did two tours one during the day and one at night, the one at night although cold was definetly my favorite. I will modge podge pictures together and when we get home we will tell you a ton of information that we learned. The tours are 3 hours long, so you get to see a ton of the city, we cruised the mall and the museums and we saw the WWII memorial at night. It was so gorgeous! If you ever get a chance you have to see D.C. at night the capitol is so gorgeous! Oh, as we were passing the White House on our evening tour we heard all these helicoptors and the President was leaving, it was crazy loud! Needless to say we had a great time and Drew wants to open a City Segway Tour Company in St. Louis. If we do you guys all get free rides!

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